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Ready for 
Safer, Calmer & Less-Disruptive Behaviours 
In Your School & Classrooms?

Sporting Elite CIC Is Ready to Help...


Good standards of behaviour in a school are essential to pupil safety and success.

Where there is a culture of high standards of behaviour in a school, more learning takes place and pupils achieve more academically
 (The Confederation of School Trusts)


Having safer, calmer and less-disruptive classrooms is what schools and teachers want...

Sadly, disruptive and low-level behaviours in schools is a constant and ongoing challenge for schools and teacher.


It has a short to long-term impact on the disruptive pupil; It impacts the other pupils who are trying and wants to learn and it’s a major cause of stress for teachers.  


Disruptive behaviours even have an impact on the perception of your school and can negatively impact your ability to achieve the Ofsted objectives that you're working towards

But that does not have to be your school or your classrooms...

Because Sporting Elite CIC works with pupils and schools, just like yours to reduce disruptive and low-level behaviours, so that you achieve positive outcomes.

And will work with your pupils and school to make it easier for you to meet your objectives of:

  • Positive behaviour and attitudes

  • High quality of education

  • Personal development for pupils

  • Leadership and management

Get in touch here 

If you're ready to have a safer, calmer and less disruptive classroom.

Sporting Elite CIC Programmes & Services are...

Behavioural Management 'Tools'



  • Reduce low-level disruption and bad behaviours

  • ​Create calmer and safer classrooms

  • Improve performance, attendance, punctuality and behaviours

  • Builds pupils’ motivation, confidence and resilience

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Here's How We're Helping Schools Have 
Safer, Calmer & Less-Disruptive Behaviours In Classrooms

(Our Programmes & Services...)


Meet the Sporting Elite Team...
That's Helping Schools to
Improve Low-Level Disruption and Bad Behaviours
in Classrooms


Ken compressed_edited.jpg

Ken Campbell

    Sports Coach & Mentor 

    picture of a Sporting Elite male Sports Coach

    Kieran Mc

      Sports Coach

      Michael compressed_edited.jpg

      Michael Wynter

        Sports Coach & Mentor

        Here Are Some of the Positive Outcomes When Schools Work With Sporting Elite CIC


        Safer, Calmer & Orderly Schools & Classrooms

        Teachers Have Less Reports to Write

        Improved Mental Health of Pupils & Staff

        Pupils Become More Confident

        Pupils Become More Focused

        Less Disruptive Behaviours in Classes

        A Wider & More Engaging PE Curriculum

        Pupils Have More Positive Attitude

        A More Effective Personal Development Pupil Plan

        Pupils & Students Make Healthier Choices That Supports Their Physical Health

        Improvement in Pupils Behaviour

        Staff Has Less Paper Work 

        Have Provision For Social, Moral &  Cultural Development Of Pupils

        Schools Have An Effective Intervention ''Tool' and an Alternative to Exclusions

        Increased Chance of 'Good' From Ofsted

        Schools Become More In-demand

        Schools Have A More Effective Personal Development Pupil Plan

        Schools Have a More Effective Integration Strategy Following An Exclusion


        Are You Ready For Us to Help You
        Safer, Calmer


        Get In Touch...

        Sporting Elite CIC

        Great Barr Leisure Centre

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        West Midlands
        B44 8NU

        +44 7759863544

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