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Helping Children Get Focused... Improving Their Behaviours... Keeping them Off The Streets & Away From The 'Wrong' Crowd.

Are you worried about your child’s behaviour and the
‘friends’ they’re hanging around with?

Are you concerned about where this could lead…and wish that you could ‘get through’ to them?

Here's the truth;

You’re not alone in this.  Most parents have the same worries 

And like you...


Wish they could get through' to their children and make them understand why they should listen to them.

Because, all you want is for them to get focused, work hard, choose positive friends and stop hanging out on these dangerous streets!

And at Sporting Elite we understand that.  In fact, we want the same for your child.

We are on YOUR side.




We understand the pressures parents like you feel when your sweet child decides to do what they want to do… thinking that you don’t know anything!


We have your back…


And will tell them EXACTLY what YOU would want them to know...

Things like; the importance of a good education, why they must stay focused, why the company they hang around with matters and how valuable they are to this world


We'll do it In a safe, fun and inspiring environment, where your child gets to spend time with positive role models who are professional coaches and mentors


Where they get to create more positive friendships and meet other children and young people who are not hanging around on the street, but learning new things and building self-confidence.


Just like your child will be when they join a Sporting Elite programme 

Find out more about our programmes here.

Here's How Sporting Elite CIC is helping parents to keep their children
off the streets
away from crime...

Why parents love working with Sporting Elite CIC... 

(and why you will too)

Children and young people build their self-confidence and become more resilient

Children and young people feel more understood and comfortable sharing and expressing their feelings

Children listen, become focused and more engaged

Children and young people learn to make more positive choices and more positive friendships

Children and young people are diverted away from crime

Children and young people get to be around positive role models

Children and young people have a safe, fun and inspiring space to hang out

Children and young people engage in sporting activities and improve their mental health 

We're On Your Side...

We Are "Team Parents!"

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"More Than A Game..."

Sporting Elite CIC started with a clear mission: To make sporting activities accessible to young people, because we believe sports has the power to change lives!

What other parents
are saying about
Sporting Elite CIC...

Mutaja Tahir

“I’ve been playing for Sporting Elite for two years now. 

If it wasn’t for this, then I wouldn’t have a place where I could forget about my emotions at home, and socially it’s just made me more confident and passionate about my sport. 

It helps me be myself."

Parent (Charlotte Wilkes)

Sporting Elite helped my son to make new friends with children from different schools.

The Sporting Elite staffs are friendly and provide excellent service.

I would recommend the services of Sporting Elite

Joe Graham

The difference that sets Sporting Elite CIC apart is their ability to provide consistent delivery of safe, high quality and engaging provision

Their mentoring and employability work has directly reduced the number of young people in the Perry Barr area that are involved in gang-related crime

Ready to help your child...
  Stay focused?
  Find posit
ive friends?
  Stay off the streets?
  Away from the 'w
rong' crowd?

Send us an email

Sporting Elite CIC, Great Barr Leisure Centre

Aldridge Road, Birmingham
West Midlands, B44 8NU /  Tel. +44 7759863544

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