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The Team

Who We Are

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Sebastian Hamilton

Founder & CEO

Hi, my name is Sebastian Hamilton and I’m the founder of Sporting Elite CIC.

As a parent and citizen of Birmingham, I was aware of the large number of children and young people hanging around on the streets and getting involved in anti-social behaviour

I started Sporting Elite CIC in 2015 to provide a safe and friendly space where children and young people in Birmingham could participate in sports and sporting activities as a way to help them to build self-confidence and to realise their potential.

I have over 18 years of experience working in the community and participating in sports at the professional and amateur levels. I understand the positive impact sports can have on our physical and mental health

I’m incredibly proud of the work we are currently doing in the Birmingham community, as we continue to evolve and reach more young people and families through our sports and mentoring programmes.

Sporting Elite also offers a volunteering programme and runs a foodbank as we feel strongly that no one should have to go to bed hungry.

I’m  excited to see what the future holds for Sporting Elite CIC

Kieran McLoughlin

Sports Development Coach

Hi I’m Kieran

My role within Sporting Elite is Sports Development Coach which means I aim to improve children's and young people's physical and mental skills while also promoting social skills and inclusion through sports. 

I love all sports but my favourite sport is football where I follow Aston Villa very closely as my boyhood team. I am a dad of 2 children which makes me very passionate about what we are trying to achieve at Sporting Elite as keeping active and safe through sport is so important in a child and young person's life. 

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Elaina Smith

Senior Youth Worker

Hi, my name is Elaina. I am a senior youth worker at Sporting Elite.

I manage and coordinate the Saturday youth clubs, breakfast clubs, and Afterschool Clubs as well as the Holiday Clubs.


I’ve worked in childcare for 24 years in various roles and positions. From working in nurseries to my most recent role in managing Sporting Elite Before and After School Clubs.  I also coordinate the Sporting Elite Community Food Bank and can be seen delivering food packages to members of our community

In my free time, I like to meet up with friends and family, watch live bands and spend time with my granddaughter.

Ken Campbell

Schools Mentor & Trainer

My name is Ken Campbell and I am mentoring co-ordinator at Sporting Elite CIC.

I've been working at Sporting Elite since 2021.

As a Mentor, my usual day consists of going into schools and working with students individually or in groups to help them get on in school and make the right decisions that will help them throughout their lives.

I also help to deliver Sporting Elite Community Sports Programmes, such as the  Youth Clubs, 5 aside Football Leagues,  After School Football Sessions and Curriculum Multi-Sports Sessions.

I'm passionate about working with young people because I want to help the younger generation to not make the same mistakes I made and give them the information I wish I had known earlier and the importance of it. 


In my spare time, I enjoy playing football going to the gym and DJing, which is something that I incorporate into my mentoring sessions

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Michael Wynter

Mentor Coordinator

I am Michael.


My roles at Sporting Elite CIC include Operations /Mentor Co-ordinator and Tutor/Trainer


I have worked with young people in various social inclusion settings for over 30 years.


My qualifications include FA Football, ECB Cricket, Tutoring, Mentoring and Counselling Skills, Emergency Aid and Safeguarding


My career highlights making a difference include:

  • Coaching a football team from under 8’s to under 16’s

  • Working with a team of coaches and mentors to provide activities for young people in diverse communities. to help them make positive choices and fulfil their potential

  • Delivering Sports Coach & Education Nationally and Internationally


I love sports and my top three sports are Cricket, Football and American Football


I love life and am blessed to have amazing family and friends



Hey, my name is Imogen.

I am a volunteer and used to attend the after school sports clubs put on by Sporting Elite.


I am very interested in a career in primary education and felt that becoming a volunteer would offer me an excellent environment to learn about the different aspects of teaching and help me gain an insight into the teaching profession and improve my knowledge and future employability prospects.


I enjoy spending time with the children I work with through doing a range of sports and creative activities.


I am fortunate enough to have been able to build a strong bond with many of them and help them grow and discover themselves.

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Youth Worker

Hi, I’m Kiara

I’m a Youth Worker at Sporting Elite CIC, working primarily within the School Holidays Club while studying “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” at Northampton University.


I love children and am passionate about sports, so when I was able to volunteer at Sporting Elite to work with children during the school holidays, I was thrilled.

Working as a volunteer has taught me a lot and helped to improve my confidence. 

I then had an opportunity to become a Youth Worker. 

As a Youth Worker, I spend time supporting the children and young people that attend the programmes. I also get to run sporting activities with the children that they enjoy.

When I’m not working, I enjoy going to the gym, watching films, bowling, going to the cinema and catching up with friends.



Hello, my name is Ramone.


I’m a volunteer and go to school I used to attend Sporting Elite when I was a younger child and I loved the experience it gave me and the confidence to join secondary.


I decided to become a volunteer because I started to go down the wrong path at school and was getting into trouble a lot so my mom approached Elaina for me to become a volunteer so I could gain my confidence back.


When working with the children I enjoy all the sports activities, gaming and arts and craft. I enjoy helping the children gain confidence to achieve anything they want to and like me gain confidence for themselves.


This is something that I think I will be interested in this for a career when I leave school.


Treyvarn Thomas-Harris

Sports Coach

My name is Trey I’m a sports coach at Sporting Elite CIC

I’m mainly involved in the After-School clubs. the Community Sessions and the Holiday Clubs.

I love to see kids laughing and having a good time. 

I play multiple sports and enjoy going to the gym in my spare time.


I have a passion for travelling and would travel at every opportunity I am given  :)


Youth Worker

Hi, my name is Rio.

I’m a youth worker and a full-time student.


I’ve worked here for 3 years but previously I started off here as a volunteer for 2 years.


In this time I have completed my Health & social care and my hospitality & catering Btec level 3 courses at college.


I have been trained in food and safety, food hygiene, first aid and other qualifications while working here.


I enjoy working because I get to meet all types of different people and have new experiences.

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Youth Worker

Hi, my name is Hakeemah.

I’m a youth worker and full-time student. I’ve worked in childcare for 5 years now and within that time I completed my level 3 diploma in childcare where I achieved a distinction.


I am first aid trained and have done a range of courses like food hygiene and safeguarding.


I enjoy my role and have built up strong relationships with the children I work with.


I Provide enrichment activities and a safe/secure environment for the children I work with.


I enjoy going out to eat and going to the cinema in my free time.



Hello, my name is Ben.

I have been a volunteer at Sporting Elite for 2 ½ years

I decided to become a volunteer after my auntie (Elaina) told me there was a volunteer scheme and I always wanted to work with my auntie when I was younger helping her prepare activities for the children.


Since joining Sporting Elite in 2021 I have done holidays camps and Saturday youth group. Where I have felt welcome since day one. I enjoy being with the children at the clubs and have built a strong relationship with them and hope to carry on doing this .


When I’m not volunteering, I enjoy being with friends and family and helping out at my local scout group which includes camping .


I also like the performing arts and have performed in several shows.

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