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Sporting Elite's Mentoring Programme 
Helps Chi
ldren and Young People
Make Better Choices

Want your children and young people to make better choices?



Being a parent, teacher or community worker is tough!

It’s tough because every day you’re seeing your children, pupils and young people making bad choices.

And no matter how many times and in different ways, you’ve talked to them about the choices they’re making, you’re not getting through to them…and nothing is changing

That’s why it's so tough.

The truth is:


You’re concerned about them and want to keep them safe and away from dangerous and risky behaviours, gang activities, criminality and county lines.


You want your children and young people to have a good education and great prospects

And you wish you could find a way to get through to them...

But most of all, what you really want is for them to make better choices...

And that’s exactly what The Sporting Elite CIC Mentoring Programme does...

Our mentoring programme "gets through" to children and young people and helps them to make better choices.

Mentoring is An Essential Tool In Helping Your Children & Young People to
Make Better Choices...

Here's why...

Children and young people are operating from 'disadvantaged positions' that can make it harder for them to make better choices!

Studies have shown that children and young people's pre-frontal cortex, which is the area of the brain that controls their decision-making, doesn’t fully develop until they are in their early to mid-twenties.


This matters because the pre-frontal cortex plays a major role in helping them to regulate their emotions, think more logically and most importantly, help them make good sound choices.


They also have to deal with real factors like; peer pressure, mental health issues, un-diagnosed learning challenges and issues at home


So, it’s no wonder why it seems so hard to get through to them... and for them to make the right choices.

Because they’re operating from a sociological, neurological and biological disadvantage.

And that’s why mentoring is essential


Because it provides children and young people with support, guidance, and a positive role-model relationship, that will 'bridge the gap' caused by this disadvantaged position.

And makes it easier for your children and young people to make better choices so they can realise their potential and achieve more positive outcomes.

If you're ready to help your children and young people make better choices...

Then find out more about the Sporting Elite Mentoring Programme here


Here's what's included in
our Mentoring Programme

to help children & young pe
Make Better Choices...

Goal Setting

Goal setting is an important skill to help young people and children see the power they have to make better choices for their future through the process of setting a goal, planning for it and then taking action towards it

Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility is where all power lies, so this is why our Mentors work with children and young people to help them to take responsibility for their life and future and teaches them to step into their power and make better choices 

Self Reflection

Self-reflection is a powerful tool that our Mentors teach children and young people to do. This is because self-reflection enables them to learn from their 'mistakes' and creates the opportunity for growth and making better choices the next time round


Developing resilience is what our children and young people need to help them cope with inevitable uncertainties that they face at school, at home and in the community.  Our programme teaches them strategies to help them cope so they can have better mental health and make better choices

Problem Solving

Problem-solving is a skill and a very useful one for children and young people.  So our mentors teach children and young people how to apply logic and analytics to problems so that they panic less and feel more in control, which helps them to feel confident in their decision making 


Our mentors help the mentees to understand the importance of setting and enforcing their own boundaries, but also to respect the boundaries of others, which empowers them to make better choices

Choices and Decisions

Making better choices is ultimately what our mentoring programme is designed to help children and young people do, so our mentors teach the mentees the power of a choice and how to make choices that are in their best interest.

Self Confidence

We believe that when children and young people learn to develop confidence in themselves, they feel empowered to make choices that are best for them and not just to fit in or to feel part of a 'bad' crowd.  Having self confidence will make it easier for them to make better choices


Understanding relationships and how to develop positive ones is key to helping our children and young people to make better choices when choosing friendships and the people they hang out with.   However one of the most important thing we teach them to do is to create an amazing relationship with themselves first and foremost


Asking for support is something children and young people have been socialised to believe makes them weak, which is wrong. So our mentors teach the mentees how to identify and ask for what they want, dispelling the myth that asking for support is weak. 

Here's how
'The Sporting Elite CIC
Mentoring Programme' works...


SE Arts & Crafts Pic 4_edited.jpg


Contact Sporting Elite via email or phone


A member of the team will get on a call with you to capture your specific requirements and agree a start date


Kick off the first mentoring session in person or online. 

Read what others are saying
'The Sporting Elite Mentoring Programme'...

Sporting Elite's Mentoring Programme over-exceeded our expectations. Our students enjoyed every session and expressed their displeasure when the mentoring ended.

Our students felt safe to express themselves and communicate their feelings.

The Mentors presented great advice and feedback that has positively impacted some of the choices that the students have made.

Cardinal Wiseman School

Are you ready for Sporting Elite CIC to help your children and young people

make better choices?

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Sporting Elite CIC,

Great Barr Leisure Centre

Aldridge Road,
Birmingham, B44 8NU  |  Tel: +447759 86 3544

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