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Looking For PE Curriculum Support?

Sporting Elite CIC
Makes PE Curriculum Easy, Engaging and Broad
for Pupils & Teachers 

Looking for a multi-skilled sports coach
to help create and deliver a broader, more balanced and engaging PE curriculum?

Well, you're in luck and you don't have to take up any more of your time searching, because that's exactly what we do.


The fact is...


Schools understand the importance of PE and sports on pupils’ development and their mental and physical health.


The challenge is…


In order for you to create and deliver PE lessons, that help pupils to develop confidence, competence and expertise, in a broad range of physical activities...


And to ensure that your pupils are physically active for a sustained period of time


You need more time in your day…  Or... You need someone who has the time


Like an elite sports coach who knows how to help pupils develop fundamental movement skills that build confidence and competence


And make it easy for your pupils to enjoy communicating, collaborating and competing with each other


Someone that gives you back time to focus on delivering other areas of the curriculum.

The good news is...


That’s exactly what Sporting Elite CIC does for schools.

Our sports coaches are multi-skilled and work with schools to help them deliver a PE curriculum that's broad, engaging and balanced.

Contact us today and hear how we can make your PE curriculum broad, engaging and easy

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Here's Why
You Should Choose Sporting Elite CIC
for PE Curriculum Support...

Your school will have:

A broader and more balanced PE curriculum

Our coaches are multi-sport professionals with expertise in a wide range of sports and will teach pupils fundamental motor skills, as well as to provide pupils with high-quality instruction, practice and feedback, to help them improve and build confidence

A highly personalised and tailored PE curriculum

We will work with you to design and deliver a PE curriculum that is personalised and tailored-made to meet the needs of your school and the needs and levels of pupils

Teachers reclaim back their time

When Sporting Elite CIC provides curriculum support to schools, teachers get to reclaim their time and spend it delivering other parts of the curriculum, planning, marking or doing whatever they see fit.

Easy demonstrable evidence for Ofsted

Our  PE curriculum support helps schools to achieve the four aims of the national curriculum and makes it easy for you to have the evidence you need to demonstrate pupils' progress and achievement

Pupils that are physically active for sustained periods of time

Sporting Elite offers more than PE curriculum support.  We also run and facilitate afterschool (sports) clubs that help pupils to have a sustained period of physical activities, outside of PE lessons.

Pupils will have a broader range of skills and they'll know how to apply them

Our PE curriculum support exposes pupils to a broad range of sports and sporting activities and teaches them how to appropriately apply them  

Pupils will gain knowledge of the rules, strategies and tactics of sporting activities

Our sports coaches will teach pupils the rules, strategies and tactics of sports and sporting activities so that they learn to apply movements successfully

Pupils will be inspired to participate and excel in sports inside and outside of school

Sporting Elite's coaches are positive role models and 'ambassadors' for sports. Their enthusiasm, passion and commitment to excellence will inspire pupils to get more involved and think about pursuing competitive sports and other physically demanding activities outside of school.

High-quality PE lessons that boost pupils' confidence and competence

Our coaches will deliver PE lessons that are  varied, engaging and of high-quality that will build pupils’ competence and increase their confidence so that they feel more inspired to participate in sport and physical activities

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Sporting Elite CIC Makes it Easy for Schools to Have A PE Curriculum
That's Broad, Engaging & Fun...

Here's how easy it is...


You give us a call


Tell us what you want and what's most important for you and your pupils 



We develop a plan

A highly-personalised and tailor-made programme that meets your need


We deliver PE Curriculum Support


Our sports coaches will deliver PE lessons and other sporting activities

Check Out What Schools Are Saying
About Us...


We engaged Sporting Elite CIC because we had a need for sports coaches with expertise in the sporting field.


We found Sporting Elite coaches to be reliable and adaptable to the needs of the students.

They adapted their teaching to suit the needs of the school and pupils.

Ready to Make Your
PE Curriculum
Broad, Engaging & Easy?

We're ready to help you...


Sporting Elite CIC

Great Barr Leisure Centre,

Aldridge Road, 
Birmingham, B44 8NU

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