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Sporting Elite CIC
Community Football Youth League

Looking to join a community football youth league, that's safe?

  • Where you can play football with a diverse group of young people, who enjoys the game and want to have fun?

  • A community football youth league that's worthy of your time and skills?  And is without drama and violence?

  • A place where the coaches and referees are FA qualified and can help you to improve your game?

  • Where you're respected not just for your skills, but as a person, and everyone gets a fair chance?

  •  A community football youth league where the coaches are in control and ensure discipline is maintained so everyone feels safe?

  • And coaches are reliable, professional and show up when they say they will... and all you need to do is to register, turn up and play football?

Then this league is the perfect fit for you!

Because that's exactly what you will experience when you join Sporting Elite CIC - Community        Football Youth League

Click here to join and be part of a safe and vibrant community football league.

Sporting Elite's Community Football Youth League is...

A FREE 5-a-side league, where young football enthusiasts can come along with their teams to participate in the competition.


The sessions are fun, structured and competitive, with FA-qualified and DBA Certified Football Coaches and professional Mentors on hand at every session.

It is a monthly league and the team that wins the league gets the opportunity to choose the football shirt of their choice for their team. 

The League is open to all young people between the ages of 15-19 years old.

Here's why you should join
Sporting Elite CIC Community Football
Youth League...

  •  A Safe & Nurturing Environment for Young Football Enthusiasts

We understand that you want to experience the joys of playing the beautiful game while ensuring your well-being and safety. And that’s why our community league is committed to providing you with a secure and positive experience.

  • Keeps Young People Away From Crime & Risky Behaviours

Sporting Elite CIC's motto is "more than just a game" - We believe football and sports have the power to steer young people away from crime and risky behaviours. By providing a safe and supportive environment, fostering positive relationships, and instilling crucial life skills, our sessions empower youth to make better choices and embrace a brighter future.

  • Certified and Caring Coaches

Our league is staffed with experienced and certified FA coaches who are passionate about youth development. They've undergone Enhanced DBA Police Checks and receive specialised training in safeguarding, health & safety, and emergency first aid. Our coaches prioritise fostering a positive environment that encourages growth, skill development, and fair play.

  • Respect and Sportsmanship

We promote fair play and sportsmanship as integral aspects of the Sports Elite Community Youth Football League. Our players are encouraged to compete with integrity, respecting the rules and showing respect for their opponents. We believe that healthy competition is essential for character development and personal growth, and we strive to create an environment where these values thrive.

  • Inclusive and Diverse

Our Community Youth Football League welcomes players of all backgrounds, abilities, and genders. We celebrate diversity and create an inclusive atmosphere where every young person feels valued and supported. We believe that diversity enhances the football experience and enriches the lives of our participants.

  • Hang Out With Positive Role Models & Mentors

Our football sessions are led by experienced coaches who serve as positive role models and professional mentors. They guide and inspire young people, offering guidance and support beyond the game. By fostering positive relationships, our coaches help football participants develop self-esteem, confidence, and a sense of belonging.

  • Skill Enhancement

Sporting Elite Community Football Youth League is committed to helping young footballers hone their football skills and reach their full potential. Our FA-qualified sports and football coaches will share fundamental techniques and advanced strategies to help hone and develop your football skills.

  • Meet Like-Minded Friends

Our Community Football Youth League is a hub for football enthusiasts who just love to play the game. This will create an opportunity for you to forge connections and friendships with like-minded young people just like you, from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences.

You'll be able to expand your social circle, make new friends, and create meaningful relationships that extend beyond the football pitch.

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Ready to join the Sporting Elite Community Football Youth League?

"I’ve been playing for Sporting Elite Community Football League for two years now. 

If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have a place where I could forget about my emotions at home. I have become more socially confident and more passionate about my sport. 

It helps me feel that I can be myself." 

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