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Volunteers Program

Sporting Elite CIC provide a number of opportunities for people to get involved and work with the company on a volunteers scheme. This is often beneficial for students who need to gain experience for college or university courses, as well as new starters in the coaching & sports education business.  There are a variety of different ways in which we can assist people in gaining experience in the industry with not only community work but also Sporting Elite Birmingham FC for people who wish to manage and coach teams or are working towards qualifications.  To get involved visit our careers page or fill our the enquiry form below:

Apprenticeship Scheme

Sporting Elite run an apprenticeship scheme which gives young aspiring people the opportunity to earn whilst they learn in the business they love.  Not only can the apprentices earn money but they can go through the education to help gain knowledge that can be beneficial as they further their career.  To Find out more please contact us below:


Sporting Elite offer a variety of mentor programmes based around sporting activities to help guide young people and develop their confidence self esteem, team work, communication time management, motivation and time keeping skills.  If you are interested please contact us below:

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