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Seb Hamilton

Q: What are your three favourite sports?

A:Football, American Football, Boxing

Q: Favourite Sports Team:

A: Brazilian National Team

Q: Who is your favourite Sports Personality?

A: Ronaldo (Brazil) – During his career he managed to reach the highest level and also maintain that level after 2 major injuries. True inspiration to my generation of football fans and I my eyes greatest footballer ever.

Q: Why did you become a Sports Development coach?

A: I have been a sports fanatic since I was young and it’s an amazing feeling to see the smile on a child’s face during a session when they are enjoying a new sport/game. It’s also great to help children in our community with their personal development through our mentoring programmes or during a sports session. There’s no other job I would ever want to do and I feel very privileged to be in a career which helps our young people.

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