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Activity Pack

We are offering a prize for the person who score the highest on this 5 pack challenge.


We will also offer a separate prize for the best mascot design as we will be using that this season as our club mascot.   

1. Premier League all time best 11 

We want you to pick your Premier League dream team consisting of 11 players in their correct positions using any formation.  We will pick what we think is the best team.  We will be looking for players being in their correct position.  You can choose players that have played in the Premier league in any Premier League season.

2. Best Current Premier League 11

This one is a little more tricky as there are specific rules

  • ​Only allowed 1 player per club

  • Only allowed 1 player per country

For example this means you can only have 1 English player, 1 Spanish player, and only 1 player from each club, so if you choose Harry Maguire from Man Utd you cannot choose Paul Pogba as plays for the same team and cannot choose Harry Kane as he is English and already chosen Harry Maguire.

3. Design A Kit

We are looking for the best kit design, shirt shorts and socks, can be used as a home kit or an away kit

4. Design A New Club Mascot

We currently have the black panther as a mascot.  BUT the football club are looking for their own Mascot, we are looking for the best mascot.  We are looking for the best designed mascot, can draw it or do it on the computer.

5. Guessing Game

  • This is something for the younger generation to have a bit of fun.


  • You are club captain

  • Firstly guess the club badge from the team you are playing for

  • Then guess your 4 team mates

  • Then guess the badge of the team you are playing against

  • Then guess what trophy you are playing for

  • Then finally guess what stadium your 5-a-side final will take place in

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