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DHL Foundation Funding

Sporting Elite CIC would like to thank DHL Foundation for their donation of £300 to Sporting Elite Birmingham FC. 

Vice Chairman Scott Smith who is employed by DHL at Jaguar Land Rover Solihll applied for the grant through the DHL match it scheme,  which is designed to support their employees who work voluntary hours working with charities and non profit organisations.  Scott has worked over 800 voluntary hours during the periods of April 2018-April 2019 for the football club, and DHL have recognised this and granted £300 for the club.

The club since its foundation has been very successful and progressed at a rapid pace.  The club started with a community league team which won their league with an undefeated season, followed by a championship winning season again with an undefeated record in the BCSFL Sunday league.  The adult team now participate in AFA Division 1 with hopes and moving in to MFL in the near future.

During that period the club have expanded and now run an under 9's team, an under 19's team, and run an Elite 5's league on a Friday evening which has 16 youth teams competing, giving the opportunity for young players to participate in competitive football of a Friday evening to help keep youth off the street in a bid to reduce crime and improve their safety.  

Plans are already in place for next season to expand the capacity of the squads within the club and help move the club further up the football ladder.  Our catchment area sees a lot of under privileged youths attending trial sessions seeking an opportunity to play.

We would like to show our gratitude towards DHL Foundation for their support and allow us to be one of the 765 grants that DHL approved during 2018/19 which totalled £338,455 which benefited schools, hospices amongst other projects and causes. 

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